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We create custom video ads for social advertising for all platforms and media. With our boutique service, you are getting a high-end creative production for your social marketing goals.


Boosts Conversions

74% of users who watched a video about a product subsequently bought it.

 Mobile Friendly

YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year.

Great ROI

 83% of businesses say that video provides good return on investment.

 Can Explain Everything

Create animated videos. Animation can bring concepts to life that no text or live video can.

Emotional Connection

Video is the most effective way to evoke emotions that connects viewer to a brand.

Increases Engagement

If an image is worth 1,000 words, a 60 second video worth 1.8M words.

Builds Trust

57% of consumers say that videos gave them more confidence to purchase online.

Encourages Social Shares

76% of users say they would share a branded video with their friends if it was entertaining.


As a professional video production company you enjoy fluent communication through the production and full gratification your brief is understood and executed on the best side.


Between the cheapest solutions in the market to the very pricey studios out there, we simply let you set the price and we offer you the best product you can get for it. Our promise is that we will invest in your video more than anyone under any given budget. 

We are a high-end video production company


That means that all our videos consist of:

Messaging - We don't just explain things we make sure the creative really fits your organization goals.

Branding - Generic art doesn't reflect your brand identity. We design the video look&feel to be aligned with the overall brand visual language which allows you to have a consistent brand identity throughout all channels of communication.

Positioning - Everyone can move objects in animation or edit footage but making it look appealing is crucial to the way your audience position you in the market.

"Cowboy Production's video campaigns were remarkable. We got hundreds of thousands of views and lots of social engagements. It increased our brand loyalty significantly"
Ohad Miller, Petkind
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Image to video

If you are looking to boost your social with lots of engaging short videos instead of boring images this solution can be perfect for you. Either you send us designed images or let us design them for you and we will create a cool eye-catching animation for it.

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Full creative ad production

Full ad creation includes all aspects of production: Creative, script, storyboard, illustrations, animations, video editing and soundtrack.

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The complete guide to video marketing

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